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From The Desk of Jay Abraham
Palos Verdes, CA

This is Jay Abraham and I wanted to talk to you personally. As I write about this collective of ours - Pinnacle Performers Elite (PPE) — it may sound fantastical to some. Too good to be true. The peerless quality, dazzling preeminence, and globally-esteemed accomplishments of the market leaders who are members of this group are astounding to say the least.

But over the course of 40 years since I was dubbed The Wiz—a marketing genius and super-consultant for the $5-100 million dollar global business elite—this is the hypergrowth-focused community that has gathered and congealed around me.

There's no one like me and no one has ever dared to do what I do.

No one else can attract the quality of people that I can.

I'm not talking about local hustlers, but about world-renowned experts who regularly command keynote speaker fees of $75,000, $125,000, even $300,000. The very same experts are our loyal, engaged, and contributing members.

When people think of a mastermind, they imagine people hustling and networking. They imagine a saturation where it becomes more about just friendship than anything else. A lot of speakers and a little bit of interaction. I don’t believe in that.

Pinnacle Performers Elite is not about lecturing or schmoozing. It is about DRIVING enormous, outrageous, and exponential results and outcomes across eight to ten different areas: marketing strategy, business model, competitive superiority, distribution, channel expansion, strategic alliances, & joint ventures.

It’s about taking immediate and decisive action to secure explosive growth in your business, using direct, practical, strategic advice from myself (Jay) and our other powerhouse members with world-class expertise.

The elite experts I bring to advise you are unimaginably impressive. None, by the way, sell anything and all come merely to contribute to your business’s explosive growth and prosperity. So, it is with the utmost excitement and honor that I invite you to step into my world. Please read on if this resonates.

Jay Abraham — The Wiz.


Jay Abraham is internationally regarded as one of the world's most elite business minds.

He charges a mind-blowing $120,000 a day because of it. He has been the master mentor for ultra-prominent entrepreneurs including Dave Asprey, Tony Robbins, Daymond John, the founders of Icy Hot, Entrepreneur Magazine, Chicken Soup-For-The-Soul, Planet Fitness, a co-founder of FedEx, the co-CEO of Keller Williams and many more...


World-renowned business strategist, author, speaker, philanthropist with over 100 companies and over $8B in business. Has helped millions with their careers, stature, and fame & fortune.

“I'm in everything from AI to sports teams to obviously my education businesses — and Jay’s the guy I’ve gone to for almost 35 years when I want to create a breakthrough.”


FUBU founder with $6 billion in global sales, Shark Tank investor with over $8.5 million in personal investments, and appointed Global Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by President Obama.

“At this point in my life, I probably wouldn't be here without my mentor, Jay Abraham... he is absolutely the best in that area.”

How about you?

Who do you turn to for billion-dollar strategies, world-class ideas, concrete, actionable, breakthrough, proprietary advice?

If no one, that’s about to change...


Bulletproof Coffee founder and CEO, NY Times bestselling author, made $6 million at 26, influential figure in health and wellness.

“His view on marketing is unlike any other human being on earth I've come across. His mind is able to see the situation, turn it on its side, look at it from a different angle, and see TEN TIMES more opportunity than you'd ever think of. I would not be serving the world like I am today without Jay Abraham.”


Co-founder of ClickFunnels with $100 million in sales in 3 years, author, and digital marketer with over a million followers.

“He doesn't just look at one business, he looks at all of the other industries he's worked in to see what he could bring to that business. Learning how to think more strategically and look at things a different way is something I definitely got from Jay Abraham.”

Join the likes of Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Anthony Scaramucci, Brian Tracy, the Late Stephen R. Covey, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson—and 25 other famed digital marketing legends who have all been influenced by Jay Abraham—and get him to personally help engineer YOUR business breakthroughs too.

“If you haven’t heard of Jay Abraham, you probably haven’t been in this business for long. Jay’s had an amazing impact on me and my life and the way we run Mindvalley. Some of his ideas are so simple, but when you understand them and apply them to your business, you’ll see massive gains.”

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO of Mindvalley. New York Times Bestselling Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass. & Founder of Mindvalley. Has millions of students worldwide.

“Jack Canfield and I approached Jay when we wanted to do the book concept for ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul.’ Jay gave us two killer concepts. Obviously they must have worked, because so far we’ve sold over 100 million copies using his approach.”

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, which has sold over 500 million copies worldwide.

“I believe Jay is the world’s number one marketing authority & business growth strategist.”


Leading Decision Scientist and Theory of Constraints expert. CEO of Goldratt Research Labs. Strategy advisor to Fortune 500 companies and NGOs.

“He is a great synthesizer of human behaviour. He has this amazing transformation core. He’s a terrifically good guy, whether he’s coaching or offering strategies or advice or pick-me-ups.”


Former White House Communications Director, Bestselling Author, Founder of SkyBridge Capital, organizer of SALT Conference—one of the largest global gatherings of hedge fund and finance professionals.

“Jay is the top marketing mind on the whole planet… I’ve studied his stuff. I've read all his books. If Jay and I are ever in a room together, I'm always pointing over at him… Jay is not only the smartest living or dead marketer that's ever been, but he really is a brilliant entrepreneur and strategist.”

Eben Pagan

Renowned entrepreneur and marketing expert. Has generated over $100 million in online sales, having founded and grown 10 brands to over $1 million each, with four exceeding $10 million.

"This man's a genius... Probably responsible for the development of more entrepreneurs than any other living person on this planet."


Renowned entrepreneur, international speaker, and author. Owns seven companies and a $2.2B property portfolio. Founder of the 10X Growth Conference, the world's largest business and entrepreneur conference.

"Jay Abraham is one of the greatest business and marketing minds I've ever known."


Was an influential educator, author, and speaker, best known for his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." Named one of Time Magazine's 25 most influential people.

“I strongly encourage you, if you're HUNGRY to dominate and want a sustainable competitive advantage... Jay Abraham is your man.


American politician. World-renowned motivational speaker and author, recognized for his high-energy messages that inspire people to live up to their greatness.

“Unfortunately, especially in the social media era and everything going on, I think our society is becoming so much for, “what’s in it for me?” and Jay is just the opposite of that. He wants to know, “How can I help YOU?”


World-authority on Six Sigma. Internationally acclaimed author of Management 21C: Someday We'll All Manage This Way.

“Today, leaders and organizations everywhere are looking to help their teams tap into an entrepreneurial mindset, and Jay has been able to do this consistently because he understands people—and he’s able to design systems and models that play to people’s unique strengths.”


Legendary Business Guru. New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust. Recognized for his work on trust and leadership in over 50 countries. Son of Stephen R. Covey.

“If you have an opportunity to learn from Jay—or work with Jay—I would highly, highly recommend it. It could change your life. He’s ethical, he’s smart, he’s bright, and he cares about helping people succeed.”

Joe Polish

Founder of The Genius Network. One of the most connected businessmen on the planet. Some of the world’s top authorities are members of his $100,000 mastermind.

“I have studied, taught and practiced sales and marketing for more than 25 years, working with hundreds of corporations. I can quite comfortably say that Jay’s innovative and dynamic approaches to increasing sales, cutting costs and boosting profits are the most simple, powerful and practical I have ever seen. His advice is so immediately helpful and obviously worth thousands of dollars that a person would be a fool not to take it, try it out and see if it works.”

Brian Tracy

Top-selling author of over 70 books, a renowned speaker addressing more than 250,000 people each year, and the CEO of Brian Tracy International, specializing in personal and business development training.


Jay Abraham is the expert’s expert, the consultant’s consultant and the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur for more than 40 years.

Jay has helped develop, improve and/or reinvent over 1,000 different proprietary marketing approaches, nearly 350 separate high-performance strategy models, and over 200 ways to compete more competitively.

Leading-edge companies on five continents attribute their explosive growth to this one man’s influence.

So too will you if you apply and get accepted.

More on that below...

Forbes Magazine names Jay Abraham as one of the Top 5 Executive Coaches In The World. They wrote that his specialty is “turning underperforming corporations into marketing and sales whizzes.”

As Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc., Jay has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing underperforming businesses.

He has successfully, masterfully dealt with almost every business challenge you could possibly be facing.

Is your marketing living up to its full potential? Is your business operating tactically or is it operating strategically—do you even know?

Did you know that a simple change in business model can redouble business performance? The same goes for superior competitive positioning, as well as an expanded distribution channel, and so on.

These are some of the high-performing levers that Jay Abraham masterfully pulls for his clients:

Jay helps companies diversify their revenue streams.

How many revenue sources or profit centers does your business depend on now? How many should you have? Could you have more? Jay Abraham typically helps companies develop at least nine revenue sources, while most only have one when he starts.

Jay assists businesses in developing strategic alliances.

Jay Abraham has 43 ways to develop strategic alliances, joint ventures, power partnerships, endorsements, and recommended provider relationships, none of which cost any money or require an upfront investment.

2,000 of the top corporations in the world now get 20 to 40% of their business from strategic alliances, joint ventures, and partnerships. If it helps them generate significantly more business and far greater profit contribution, perhaps it could be something your business accesses too.

Jay helps businesses outthink, outmarket, outperform, and outendure their competitors.

Most businesses focus on outperforming competitors through better marketing. But Jay, known for his marketing genius, believes that marketing is subordinate to a preemptive strategy, a defendable business model, and a preemptive advantage. He emphasizes the importance of a massively diverse set of distribution channels and a large network of joint venture partners, endorsers, and strategic alliances, among other avenues for growth, all of which we will discuss further on this page.

But that’s not all.

Unlock Unprecedented Growth with Jay Abraham's Hyper-Comprehensive Business Strategies

He has engineered everything from major marketing makeovers, strategy restructurings, business model remodelings, competitive advantage enhancements, distribution channel expansions, lucrative joint ventures, strategic alliances, and “uber” deals with recommended-provider status.

Jay has helped 10,000+ clients catapult to greatness in 1,000+ industries.

This includes leading companies in real estate, infomercials, financial publishing, cosmetic surgery, dating apps, & many many more.

Just look at the variety and caliber of attendees at our June 2023 meeting!

(Listing their respective fields and accolades.)

  • Top authority in Theory of Constraint — has increased client revenue by billions
  • Transportation logistics — doing worldwide acquisition roll-up
  • Technology employee leasing — deals with top corporations in the world
  • Buying and selling environmental tax credits — commands over 50% of their entire market
  • Number one authority in the world on adding dental implants—advises 20,000 top dentists
  • Former senior strategic advisor to third largest private equity firm in the country
  • Dentist owning ten outsized practices
  • E-commerce women’s facial cosmetics — leader in their vertical
  • Top trainer in women’s sexuality, feminism
  • Four businesses in Mauritius — the largest medical distributing, grocery delivery, and importing businesses)
  • Top investment industry copywriter—has helped sell over $900 million of newsletter subscriptions
  • Former head of largest 80-practice podiatrist roll-up—sold to huge private equity firm
  • PCP/credit card processing—serves 3,000 clients nationwide
  • Top sales trainer — clients achieve 40-200% increases on performance
  • The largest digital agency in optical offices and cosmetic medicine
  • Consultants that do EEC credits — parent has done $8 billion
  • Medical device company on track to do $500 million
  • SAS company that does safety compliance for trucking companies — largest in the industry
  • World authority on big data — has advised multi-billion dollar corporations
  • Owner of ten physical therapy offices — innovative breakthrough growth model
  • Home improvement specialty provider in Boston
  • Masonry company — does top homes in Beverly Hills and Malibu
  • Corporate tax reduction expert worth hundreds of millions
  • Real estate agent — top producer in major market
  • CPA — wrote the book on hidden business tax loopholes
  • E-commerce computer, photographic batteries—largest specialty platform in the Pacific Rim
  • Largest contractor to navy doing engineering on experimental aircraft
  • MLM high producing distributor — with over 200,000 person downline
  • Largest collector guitar trading site in the world
  • Worldwide innovative Platform For Dating — number one in 5 countries
  • Orthopedic surgeon who does key NFL, NBA, MLB surgeries
  • Large Keller Williams franchise group
  • Start-up company CEO
  • Specialty pharmacy dealing in high priced elective prescriptions
  • Chiropractor management training — serves thousands of doctors
  • Largest duck provisioner in North America — commands over half of all Asian and Michelin-starred restaurants in the country
  • Large commercial realtor — top producer in San Francisco
  • Number one expert witness in cyber security litigation — helped his client win a $2.8 billion verdict against one of the largest technology companies in the world
  • Top-performing private equity firm in the country
  • CEO of one of the largest yoga clothing companies in the world
  • Head of fast-growing specialty cellular reseller
  • Head of e-commerce company that markets brand fragrances — represents over 3,000 top brands in the world
  • Medium size interior design and high-end furniture rep group — serves wealthy homeowners throughout the United States
  • Option trading training company — they produce world-class professional traders
  • Digital marketing agency to billion - dollar international clients
  • Jet charter company — deals only with celebrities, billionaires, and their management teams
  • Sales brain who turned around a bankrupt yacht builder into a $175 million company
  • Investor and SAS service to warehouse industry
  • Neuro chiropractor to billionaires and sports professionals
  • Trainer of coaches
  • Ultra-high-end marketing agency
  • Consumer online high-end digital marketing agency
  • SAS company for hospital pharmacies — installed in more hospitals than any other
  • Australian developer property investor — does $100 million deals
  • Significant hedge fund based in Singapore
  • Largest training company based on concept of flow state
  • Former strength trainer to LA Chargers, LA Kings, Denver Broncos.

Jay has dealt with virtually every type of business scenario, challenge, underperforming opportunity and issue imaginable. Many that you likely haven’t experienced in your lifetime!

Why should you want Jay on your team? Let us count the reasons.


Get Epic Breakthroughs Before Anyone Else In Your Industry.

True breakthroughs rarely come from within your industry. Jay Abraham brings insights from a diverse range of industries, helping you to innovate and gain a monstrous advantage over your competitors. He emphasizes the importance of looking beyond your industry for inspiration, as many significant advancements have been borrowed from other sectors.


Go Light Years Beyond So-Called Best Practices.

While many businesses focus on adopting best practices, these only provide a short-term advantage. Once everyone in your industry adopts these practices, they become standard, offering no competitive edge. Instead, Jay advocates for learning from outside your industry and combining different approaches into powerful hybrids for an incomprehensible advantage.


Get Direct Access To Jay’s Unrivaled, Unimaginably Diverse Experience.

Jay has worked with a wide range of high-performing businesses in over 1,000 industries, from the number-one provisioner in the country that sells 50% of all the ducks to every major Asian restaurant, to the top SaaS companies in logistics, trucking, and pharmaceuticals.

His clients also include the largest seller of artificial turf, the number one dating app in Europe, the largest specialty dermatology pharmaceutical company in India, and on and on. This diverse experience allows Jay to bring unique insights and strategies to your business.


Get Expertise & Insights From A Proven Track Record That No One Can Match.

Jay has a proven track record of helping thousands of world-class businesses achieve significant outcomes by operating in the exponential zone where everything you do is designed to produce orders of magnitude performance increase.

Some examples of Jay’s work...

His advice helped a cosmetic surgery group in Japan expand from one to 87 offices.

His advice helped a candy company in China sell 49% to Hershey's for half a billion dollars using his methods.

His advice helped catapult Icy Hot from $20,000 to millions in less than a year.

He’s the guy who's credited for inspiring Planet Fitness’ unique, counter-intuitive USP.

He’s the man that nine times increased revenues for Entrepreneur Magazine in less than one year.

Plus thousands of other equally impressive success stories all around the world!

He is not interested in helping businesses that are content with small and difficult incremental improvements. Instead, he only works with businesses that are driven, almost obsessed with outsized achievement, and open to breakthrough experimentation.

Here are some of the tools that make up Jay’s paradigm-shifting arsenal.


Pioneering Growth Strategies:

Jay Abraham has developed, pioneered, and engineered business growth techniques in 97 distinct, world-renowned categories of growth. (He also developed the categories themselves.)


Advising World-Class Experts:

He has advised more world-class experts than anyone else you may ever gain access to.


Leveraging Key Concepts from Top Authors and Experts:

Jay has learned the key concepts from over 300 of the best-selling authors, most revered business experts, and iconic technology brands in the world. All of this knowledge is available directly to you.


Uncovering Hidden Assets and Opportunities:

Jay knows how to uncover more hidden assets, untapped profit opportunities, underperforming revenue activities, and undervalued tangible and intangible assets in any business, especially yours, than a dozen other experts combined.


Influencing Major Training Programs:

Tony Robbins has built two major training programs, Business Mastery and Business Mastery Two, based on key components of Jay’s concepts.


Collaborative Masterminding with Tony Robbins:

Jay is the only person with whom Tony Robbins does a full day of collaborative masterminding, brainstorming, problem-solving, opportunity mining, and ideation interventions for his highest level group members.


Advanced Pattern Recognition:

Jay has mastered 7 out of the 9 forms of pattern recognition. He utilizes all 9 forms of higher-level thinking. Experience Jay's legendary strategic, non-linear mind hard at work custom-advising, mentoring and innovating your business’ biggest, toughest, most lucrative issues—he does it firsthand, in realtime each session, for each member through an amazing proprietary process that absolutely no one else in the world has mastered.

Watch Jay’s Taster Video to see for yourself.

Solving More Issues in Less Time:

Jay has also gone on record solving more issues in an hour than most experts can tackle in a year. You might want to read that twice.

And what kind of breakthroughs should you expect to achieve from your time as part of Jay’s collective?

You will...

  • Learn to position your business to become preeminent, preemptive, and gain maximum competitive marketing and strategic advantage.
  • Reach more quality prospects, convert higher numbers, get more prospects buying, AND get clients & customers buying more for far greater Lifetime Value (LTV).
  • Structure multiple endorsements and referral deals with dozens or hundreds of qualified community influencers.
  • Apply as many of the 16 No-Investment/No-Risk Power Pivot categories as required to hurtle your business’s profit performance literally beyond exponential. You will see what I mean.
  • Gain access to the equivalent of an Unlimited Business Checkbook that allows your business to afford all the marketing, resources, expertise/consultants you ever want, and only ever pay for them if, when, and after they all pay off.
  • Develop up to 6 additional no-or-low-cost/high-profit new revenue sources and profit centers.
  • Make every ad you run and pay for generate 50-500% greater results.
  • Monetize sunk-costs, heretofore unsold prospects, inactive past customers/clients.
  • Identify your business’s overlooked assets, untapped income sources, underperforming revenue activities, under-monetizing resources and relationships, and convert them into windfall, newfound profits that you can then turn into ongoing revenue streams.
  • Acquire other successful businesses’ marketing, selling, advertising, case generating processes, systems, procedures and Intellectual Property (IP) for no out-of-pocket investment and little or no downside risk.
  • Master the mind of your market so that you alone will resonate well above the maddening crowd of competitors in their mind with every advertising/marketing effort you ever do.
  • Make your social and digital media marketing many times more powerful and effective.
  • Make every salesperson you have at least 25-300% more productive for you and themselves.
  • Add at least 5 new highly-effective market access vehicles overnight. These are methods, strategies, or tools that a business uses to enter or access a new market, which could be a new geographical market (like expanding into a new country or region) or a new demographic market (like targeting a new age group or income level).
  • Multiply your customer retention by 20% or higher.
  • Create a Beyond Exponential master growth game plan to follow and report on its progress every month.
  • Expand and explode your creativity, innovative breakthrough thinking capability by orders of magnitude.
  • Live every day of the rest of your professional life driven, empowered by the Mind Stein Effect, that allows you to model Einstein's gifts and amazing abilities and apply them to your business.
  • Develop all the "pattern recognition" facets you’re currently missing (there are eight separate categories of distinctions to learn and master).
  • Expand the levels and facets of thinking you possess-there are nine levels you can take things upward.
  • Apply your intelligence, logic, core knowledge in far more profitable ways.
  • Master funnel vision instead of living in the world of linear-centered, tunnel vision.
  • Eliminate as many of the nine sticking points that are constraining your growth, profitability, and ultra-successful performance potential.
  • Develop at least 6 powerhouse referral strategies designed to double, even redouble your annual referral business.
  • When applicable, gain the ability to actually successfully compete with yourself.
  • Multiply your understanding, ability, and grasp the keys of exponential business building-in ways and levels none of your competitors are aware of.
  • See possibilities, opportunities, profit sources, none of your colleagues would even know how to mine let alone monetize.
  • Evolve your entrepreneurial abilities to master-level prowess.
  • Think, act, and transact business like a marketing genius.


Jay has studied, addressed and resolved almost every type of business question, challenge and opportunity.

Time and time again, he has helped double, redouble, and redouble AGAIN companies profits, find hidden growth, uncover monster-sized opportunities, develop lucrative new profit centers, and scale faster, with less investment or downside risk than arguably anyone else in the entrepreneurial world.

Perhaps THAT’S why over 3,200 many business books and publications in 20+ languages refer to his methodologies!

Author / Book
Larry Adebesin Success Is Really Your Birthright
Erwin Aguayo Jr. Perceptionicity
Robert G. Allen Multiple Streams of Income
Robert G. Allen Multiple Streams of Internet Income
Steve Anderson The Bezos Letters
Andy Andrews Storms of Perfection
Michael E. Angier 101 Ways To Get Ahead
Lisa Askins Creative In Sales
Robert Birmingham Simple No-Cost Marketing Solutions
Amonrat Boonyarit Pichit Love Scripture Volume 1
David Borgenicht The Worst-Case Scenario Business Survival Guide
Peter Bowerman The Well-fed Writer: Back for Seconds
Russell Brunson Expert Secrets
Bob Burg Endless Referrals-Third Edition
Business News Publishing Money Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham and Other Marketing Wizards
Jack Canfield The Success Principles
Subir Chowdhury The Difference: When Good Enough Isn't Enough
Brian Clegg Crash Course In Managing People
Brian Clegg Capturing Customers Hearts
Allan Colman The Revenue Accelerator
Jack Covert The 100 Best Business Books of All Time
Cedric Crumbley Proven Sales and Recruiting Methods
Anna David On Good Authority
Peter H. Diamandis Abundance
Kevin Duncan The Ultimate Startup Book
Dr Marc Dussault The Family Business Suicide Prevention Guide
T. Harv Eker The Passion Test
Robin J. Elliott Starting Over
Eric Enge The Art of SEO
Anolia O. Facun Yes! The Secrets Work
Timothy Ferriss Tools of Titans
Bryan Franklin The Last Safe Investment
Rick Frishman Mistakes Authors Make
Scott Fox e-Riches 2.0
Hal Galper The Touring Musician
Peter Garian The Real Estate Agents Guide To Digital Marketing
Diederik Gelderman Veterinary Success Secrets Revealed
David Goldsmith Paid to Think
Chuck Groot Photography: The Art of Success
Ronald E. Guzik Build Your Business Stronger
Mark Victor Hansen You Have A Book In You
Robert Hargrove The Masterful Coaching, Facilitator Guide Package
Kevin Harrington Mentor To Millions
Markus Hart Fresh Wisdom
Denny Hatch 2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success
Healthy Wealthy nWise A Life on Fire: Living your Life with Passion, Balance And Abundance
Gail Hiduke Small Business: An Entrepreneur's Business Plan
Dave Holland MBA Life Results Rules OK
Dave Holland MBA Your Business RULES OK
Stelio Inacio Life Coaching Book
Sarah James Be Your Own Boss
Daymond John The Power of Broke
Marlise Karlin The Power of Peace in You
Dan S. Kennedy No B.S. Direct Marketing
Dan S. Kennedy No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing
Robert Kotler Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon
Robert Kotler The Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion
Brian Kurtz Overdeliver
Brian Kurtz Breakthrough Advertsing
Paul Lemberg Be Unreasonable
Ryan Levesque Ask.
Ryan Levesque Choose.
Jay Conrad Levinson Guerrilla Publicity
Perry Marhsall 80/20 Sales and Marketing
Perry Marhsall Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing
Perry Marhsall Evolution 2.0
Michael Masterson Automatic Wealth
Dustin Mathews The Ultimate Success Secret
Peggy McColl Savy Wisdom: It Has The Power To Change Your Life
Brett McFall How To Make Money While You Sleep!
Michael J. McGroarty Can Any Small Business Make You Rich?
John-Paul Micek Secrets of Online Persuasion
Armand Morin Success Leaves Traces
Dan Moskel The Book Marketing Plan
Marc Mousseau What Real Estate Gurus Don't Tell You
Prof K Nageshwar How to Win at Life
Joe Nicassio Resurrecting America's Entrepreneurial Spirit
Lisa Nichols Abundance Now
Ole Nielsen How To Turn Your Company Around Or Move It Forward Faster In 90 Days Using A Structured and Proven Step by Step Program
Richie Norton Anti-Time Management
Anne Orchard Be An Author
Eben Pagan Opportunity
PamInCa The Essential Guide of Mystery Shopping
Ali Pervez Get Your Black Belt in Marketing
Garrett Pierson What Success Takes
Michael Pink Rainforest Strategy
Barry Polansky The Art of the Examination
Dan Poynter Writing Nonfiction
Patricia J. Raskin Success, Your Dream, and You
Michael Reese Digital President
Tracy Repchuk 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles
Chase Revel The Newest Most Unique Ways People are Making Money
B. Eric Rhoads Make More Money Selling Your Art
Rene V. Richards Online Marketing Success Stories
Perry Ritthaler Ideas, Decisions, Affirmations, Create Your Life
Johnnie L. Roberts The Big Book of Business Quotations
Oliver Roland The Way of the Intelligent Rebel
Tony Rubleski Trailblazers
Howard Ruff Safely Prosperous or Really Rich
Mitch Russo Power Tribes
Andrea Samadi The Secret for Teens Revealed
John Sealey Small Business Marketing In A Week
Becky Sheetz-Runkle The Art of War for Small Business
David A. Shiang God Does Not Play Dice
George Silverman The Secrets of Word of Mouth Marketing
Steve Sims Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen
Zak Slayback How to Get Ahead
Jamie Smart Results: Think Less. Achieve More
Mari Smith The New Relationship Marketing
Nick Sonnenberg Come Up For Air
Darren Stephens The 10 Day Turnaround
Sally Stuart Christian Writers' Market Guide
Phillip Stutts The Undefeated Marketing System
Revathi Subramanian Bank Fraud
Stephen Sutherland Liquid Millionaire
Ron Tepper How To Write Winning Proposals for Your Company or Client
Ron Tepper The Consultant's Problem-Solving Workbook
Ron Tepper Model Letters and Memos
Brian Tracy Turbo Strategy
Brian Tracy Crunch Point
Jeremy Tuber Being A Starving Artist Sucks
Marylou Tyler Predictable Prospecting
Dave Wagenvoord No Cash? No Problem!
Irina Webster How to Become a Successful Author
Pete Williams How to Turn Your Million Dollar Idea Into A Reality
Ethan Willis Prosper: Create The Life You Really Want
Ralph F. Wilson Planning Your internet Marketing Strategy
Andrew Wood Cunningly Clever Marketing
Sarah Parsons Zackheim Getting Your Book Published For Dummies
Professional Basics: A Textbook of English for 1st Year Students Majoring In Technology and Economics
Entrepreneur Volume 23
Venture Volume 11 Issues 1-7
Finance Week November 2001 Page 53
Forbes Volume 165 Issues 1-7 Page 84
Mastering The Martial Arts Business-2011-01-Page 6
Bottom Line Business- Volume 29-Page 3
Brandweek-Volume 35 Issues 1-13-Page 4-30
Billboard-August 5, 1995-Page 77
Motivational Selling: Advice on Selling Effectively, Staying Motivated and Being a Peak Sales Producer-Page 167
Black Enterprise- Volume 25- Issues 6-11- Page 61

See a partial list of books and publications that
reference Jay Abraham’s work

See the list

“Almost all of the consultants and experts you’ve followed, dealt with, and trust have been influenced by this man’s work.”

Who is Tony talking about?

Jay has influenced the top real estate coaches, top digital marketing experts, top sales experts, senior strategic advisors to private equity firms, experts in mergers and acquisitions, mindfulness coaches to top athletes, speech writers for tech company founders, bestselling authors and trainers, authorities on behavioral economics, billionaire business owners, and on and on.

Jay’s success stories appeared in all of
these iconic publications and dozens more...

Why would Daymond John tell Inc. Magazine that Jay is his top mentor and dedicate part of his blockbuster first book to Jay, even writing half a chapter about him as well?

“My friend, mentor and advisor Jay Abraham has generated more than $50 billion in combined additional profits for thousands of businesses worldwide in hundreds of different industries. Forbes says he’s ‘the real thing’ when it comes to turning ‘underperforming companies into marketing and sales whizzes.’ And I couldn’t agree more.”

So let’s get into the details of Pinnacle Performers Elite. Firstly, who is it NOT for?

This is absolutely not for someone who is wedded to tradition, stuck in status quo thinking, or closed to innovative ways of approaching their business.

If you're not a monster of execution, obsessed with innovative experimentation, or eager to be a leader rather than a follower, this isn't for you.

If you don't have a commitment to creating more value perceived by your market and outthinking, outmarketing, outstrategizing, outvaluing, and outperforming on as many gradients as possible, then you would be turned off by this membership.

Likewise, it would be over your head and irrelevant if you're much smaller than $5 million.

You need to have outsized ambition and ethical principles of the utmost quality and excellence.

Your personal and buisness values have to be in alignment.

We have great people who range from just under $5 million to $100 million. If you're a lot bigger, you're too political and have too many tiers of calcified infrastructure, and we can't help you. You need to be able to implement, be driven with achievement, and be open to experimentation.

Why do the BEST PERFORMERS in the world continuously go back to Jay Abraham for their business breakthroughs?

Because he is uniquely able to help them up-end industries and out-think, out-market, out-sell, out-position, out-value contribute, out-strategize their most formidable direct and indirect competitors.


He Harnesses The Power of Geometry—Looking At Each Business From Many Angles or Perspectives.

Jay doesn't view a business as a linear entity but as a multi-dimensional one, much like a geometric shape. This perspective allows him to uncover hidden opportunities, untapped assets, overlooked possibilities, under-performing activities, and under-utilized relationships that can be leveraged for growth.

He's not just about increasing the number of customers; he's about increasing the average transaction value and the frequency of transactions.

He's about creating a strategic marketing plan that is integrative, where every action enhances and advances a larger outcome.

His strategies are designed to out-perform, out-impact, out-contribute, and out-differentiate all competition.

Jay's approach is about reverse engineering from the desired outcome, setting performance expectations, and continuously examining, measuring, and adjusting based on whether these expectations are met or not.

It's about making every action an integral part of a master game plan, and this game plan is so well thought out that it can be adjusted and expanded based on performance.

In essence, Jay Abraham's geometric approach views a business from every angle, identifying multiple points of impact, and creating a comprehensive, integrative strategy that maximizes every aspect of the business for exponential growth. He holds your business to a higher standard. It's a powerful and compelling approach that has proven successful for over 10,000 clients worldwide.

It’s All About Levers and Fulcrums. Here’s what that means.

The same way that various tools serve as levers to drive higher quality and advantageous benefits—such as wheelbarrows, screwdrivers, pop-top cans, window cranks, and car door buttons—Jay has identified 97 business levers that can drive far greater business performance. As a member, he's offering to share all of them with you on a continuous and as-needed basis.

He carefully evaluates/identifies the precise “impact levers” that can and will have the most stunning positive effect on the marketplace you’re after.

He assesses all the competitive concerns, both explicit and implicit, to formulate transformative/disruptive, and frequently incomparable business models, revenue approaches, and marketing strategies to get your business performing in the exponential zone and out of the incremental zone where everything you do produces multiple times more result now and enormously greater residual value in the future.

Name any other person who you can actually work hand-in-hand with and be advised by, who has counseled, advised, and mentored so many other business gurus, experts and icons.

... Anyone?

Where else can you gain the same perspectives that helped shape so many colossal business success stories?

Because of his direct experience with 1,000+ industries, 300 world-recognized experts, organizations such as the world’s largest multivariable testing organization, the world’s largest specialized psychological and sociological research organization, the creator of optimization (W. Edwards Deming)—Jay understands a far higher spectrum of the options, opportunities, and performance enhancement possibilities available to you—than possibly anyone else you could gain access to in your lifetime:

  • He understands all the intricacies of testing, variability, and exponential performance enhancement.
  • He understands the nitty gritty of any implementation process, for example how to make sales forces almost instantly 10 to 100% more profitable through the dynamic organization's process of improvement formula.
  • He understands the mind of the market due to his extensive experience across a multitude of industries, his ability to identify and leverage consumer behavior patterns, and his innate talent for empathizing with customer needs and desires, enabling him to craft strategies that resonate deep, deep within, drive engagement, and ultimately lead to significant growth for your business.

I’ve seen a simple headline change skyrocket engagement, sales, and results by as much as 21,000%.

It's not just about changing words; it's about strategically crafting a compelling message that instantly captures your audience's attention and persuades them to take action.

Think about the reassurance a powerful risk reversal can provide to your customers.

By eliminating or reducing the perceived risk associated with a purchase, you can boost your sales or transaction size by 50% and often far greater. This strategy is not just about offering a guarantee; it's about building trust, demonstrating your confidence in your product or service, and making it easier for customers to say 'yes'.

Now, consider the impact of a bonus offer.

By adding value to the original purchase, you can multiply your sales by 50% or more. This strategy is not just about giving away freebies; it's about enhancing the perceived value of your offering, making your customers feel appreciated, and incentivizing them to take action.

Consider how the strategic adjustment of your pricing structure—whether that means increasing or decreasing—can have a profound impact on your business.

Believe it or not, such a change can boost your customer acquisition rate by a staggering 500%. This isn't just about altering numbers; it's about understanding the psychology of pricing, the perceived value of your product or service, and the market's willingness to pay. It's about finding the sweet spot where your price aligns with your customers' perceived value, thereby maximizing both your sales and profits.

Jay will take one look at your business and point out these groundbreaking opportunities and more.

Who else do you have access to who can teach you all of these hyper-specific, higher-performance ways to utilize your time, your opportunity, your access to your market, your advertising, your selling, your people, and your prospects?

Whatever competition, concerns, market challenges, or broken business models your organization may be struggling with – Jay almost always has a solution on hand that will multiply your sales, increase your profits, and maximize your competitive sustainable market advantage.

Underperforming revenue, profit, or growth opportunities aren't a setback in Jay’s mind, but rather a unique chance for him to leverage his extensive knowledge, experience, and proven strategies to transform your business into a powerhouse that not only survives but thrives in any market condition—almost always without increasing your investment or risk whatsoever.

Why is Jay sharing this???

Because when you see how uniquely, powerfully, and superiorly he thinks, acts, and transacts business for his clients and now members, you'll want to become a part of Pinnacle Performers Elite.

Okay, so tell me about this PPE membership.

Introducing Pinnacle Performers Elite: Jay Abraham’s Unparalleled Collaborative Alliance of $5-100 Million Dollar Business Leaders, Revolutionary Entrepreneurs, & Elite Business Minds

PPE is an exclusive "mastermind of all masterminds", hyper growth-obsessed collaborative group led personally by world-renowned business growth expert Jay Abraham. A combined braintrust, elite community, strategic alliance and tactical ideation hub, all taken to the highest limits of possibility...

“Jay is the foremost strategist for small and large companies in the world. He is the TRUE Marketing Master”

All these renowned iconic minds are all sayihg the same thing!

Jay Abraham is the man you’ve been looking for.

We know of nothing remotely like PPE.

And no one remotely possessing the mind and methodologies that Jay brings to bear...

Pinnacle Performers Elite offers its members an unmatched opportunity to catalyze their success. The carefully orchestrated gatherings that are part of the membership bring together brilliant minds from diverse industries, creating a rich tapestry of knowledge and expertise.

Through focused discussions, strategic insights, and peer-to-peer support, these in-rhythm meetings ignite inspiration, stimulate new ideas, and challenge conventional thinking. They provide a platform for members to share their experiences, learn from each other's successes and failures, and collectively elevate their businesses to unprecedented levels.

Our transformative meeting rhythm creates a synergistic energy that propels members forward, enabling them to tap into untapped potential, uncover hidden opportunities, and drive remarkable growth.

What do you get as a
Pinnacle Performers Elite member?


Monthly two to three-hour intensive sessions with Jay and other members and contributors.

These hands-on, problem-solving scenarios are specific to your business challenges, allowing you to actively contribute and receive tailored solutions. In these meetings, Jay, Roland Frasier, and Blair LaCorte (both of whom will be introduced below) will review new breakthrough ideas, methodologies, strategic concepts they’ve discovered, and get into the nitty gritty of case-study examples.


You'll have unparalleled access to an ever-expanding global network of experts spanning various fields.

These include authorities on fascinating communication, strategic communication, Six Sigma, constraint theory, and many many many more. These experts, who typically command high fees, freely share their knowledge and engage with members, providing a level of understanding that is unimaginable.

Jay’s contact list is vast, but if you compound that with the contact lists of his expert colleagues and VIP advisors then any connection you want could be facilitated if it makes sense for all parties.


Our expert-to-member ratio at meetings ensures an intimate and impactful experience.

Our last event, with a ratio of one expert to every four members, was utterly mind-blowing. Members received a lot of personalized attention, asked penetrating questions, and received customized guidance.


It's important to note that none of the experts are there to sell or hustle.

They participate purely out of a desire to contribute and give back and be part of the innovative process & dynamic that Jay alone can create. Their collective wisdom, combined with the support and insights from fellow members, creates an environment of genuine collaboration and rapid results-based learning.


The goal of every interaction is to equip you with new distinctions and breakthroughs that you can immediately implement in your business.

The program is designed to leave you with a sense of certainty and clarity, making it harder to stay idle than to take action and apply the newfound knowledge.

By joining PPE, you're embarking on a transformative journey curated by one of the sharpest marketers of today.

Grant Cardone called him a genius. Success Magazine called him “probably the finest marketing mind alive.” Daymond John called him “absolutely the best in the field.”

If you could sit back and hang out with the likes of Edison, Einstein, Marconi, Franklin, etc., would you jump at the chance?

Would you seize the opportunity to tap into the advanced, transformative thought processes of the minds behind the lightbulb, relativity, the radio?

These great minds have the ability to think beyond the present, envision what's possible, and then create the path to make it happen.

They don't just accept the status quo but challenge it, pushing boundaries and creating new paradigms, just the same as Jay Abraham does in the world of business.

Think of the fact that almost every world class entrepreneur, athlete, actor, artist, musician, military or political or religious leader throughout history had either one or multiple advisors, mentors, masterful thinking partners, consigliere.

Steve Jobs was mentored by Bill Campbell.

Steve mentored Mark Zuckerberg.

Christian Dior mentored Yves St. Laurent.

Warren Buffet mentored Bill Gates.

Ray Charles mentored Quincy Jones.

Richard Branson was mentored by Sir Freddy Laker.

Henry David Thorough was mentored by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Stella Able mentored Robert DeNiro.

Steven Spielberg mentored J.J. Abrams.

Socrates mentored Plato- Plato mentored Socrates.

Mahatma Ghandi mentored Nelson Mandela.

Audrey Hepburn mentored Elizabeth Taylor.

Sidney Poitier mentored Denzel Washington.

Denzel Washington mentored the late Chadwick Bozeman.

David Bowie mentored Iggy Pop.

Gary Shandling mentored Judd Aptow.

Steve Jobs also mentored Mark Benioff.

George Mason mentored Thomas Jefferson.

Dadabhai Naoroji mentored Mahatma Ghandi.

Boris Becker mentored Novak Djokovic.

Lady Gaga was mentored by Elton John.

How many and how formidable, world-class, and success proven are your advisors?

By following the next steps on this page and signing up to take a peek into Jay's mind, you're getting access to this elevated kind of innovative, problem-solving, impactful, and visionary thinking.

It's an opportunity to learn from a modern-day business giant and apply his meteoric thinking to your own business or career.

Entrepreneur Napoleon Hill, author of the classic 1937 book Think and Grow Rich, is often credited with creating the Mastermind concept, but in fact...

Although this book brought the term into the mainstream, “Mastermind” groups existed long before its publication. Beginning in 1727, for example, Benjamin Franklin started a popular group known as the Junto that met continuously for 30 years.

Moreover, in the early 20th century, automobile inventor/business tycoon Henry Ford joined forces with tire mogul Harvey Firestone to create a powerful Mastermind group called the Vagabonds that, over the years, attracted such figures as Thomas Edison, Herbert Hoover, and Calvin Coolidge.

Each of these men was brilliant in his own right and yet understood that even brilliant minds do not know everything. Those who seek the company of highly successful minds recognize an important principle: We all have unique strengths and weaknesses, but the wise person understands the opportunities created when we are willing to share our strengths and draw from others’ strengths as well.

As a Pinnacle Performers Elite Collective member, you will gain direct access to all of the above, PLUS...

Get complimentary access to Jay’s other events and more (includes keynotes & full-length programs that Jay is paid up to $250,000 to deliver)!

Your membership also grants you complimentary access to all of Jay's independently hosted events throughout the year. For events that Jay collaborates with others, we can't guarantee it, but we will make a concerted effort to get you access.

True wealth creation made easier, in ways you’ve never contemplated before: Get direct connections to world-class top performers.

Jay Abraham, Roland Frasier, and Blair LaCorte (more about Roland and Blair below), on a case-by-case basis when appropriate, will even consider making direct connections for members to their-own highly placed personal network of world-class colleagues. Get connected with world-class top-performers who may be naturally positioned to catapult your business’ performance results even higher.

And if that’s not enough...

Members will have access to highly advantageous discounts and advance availability to a wide spectrum of OTHER experts’ products.

These are programs and services that Jay, Roland, and/or Blair will attempt to negotiate "best-of-all-nations" preferential rates for—that are offered only for members.

Become a part of this exclusive group where world-class experts and top-level business leaders come together to do far more than just socialize or network.

We have a stratospheric goal, with all members committed continuously to one another’s very best financial success and personal best interests.

Our long-term goal is syndicating wealth, ammassing M&A transactions with members, and even potentially creating our own private equity funds.

What will that look like?

Our long-term vision encompasses far more than business growth and success. The ambition here is to syndicate wealth across our member base, amass mergers and acquisitions transactions within the collective, and even create our own private equity funds.

Such an endeavor would leverage the combined resources, reach, capital, and talents of all our members, making Pinnacle Performers Elite not just a mastermind group of the highest level, but a force to be reckoned with in the world of business acquisition and finance.

Led by business growth expert Jay Abraham, PPE stands poised to reshape the entrepreneurial landscape and redefine what a mastermind collective can accomplish.

Do you know there are nine forms of pattern recognition that give a CEO or entrepreneur preemptive leadership as well as strategic and operational advantage?

Sadly, the average CEO and entrepreneur only exercises one. Jay exercises seven and he will teach you to multiply the number you integrate into your quiver of powerhouse performance arrows.

By developing the ability to recognize patterns across various domains, such as market trends, consumer behavior, industry dynamics, and internal operations, CEOs and entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions ahead of their competitors.

This enhanced pattern recognition capability allows them to anticipate challenges, identify opportunities, and take proactive measures to stay ahead in their respective industries. Jay's expertise in this area can help individuals expand their pattern recognition skills and multiply the number of patterns they can effectively integrate into their decision-making processes, thus enhancing their overall performance and success.

Do you know that there are eight separate forms of masterful thinking that give CEOs and entrepreneurs a broader range of cognitive tools to approach challenges and opportunities?

Most CEOs and entrepreneurs only utilize one. Jay utilizes six of the eight and he will teach you to at least double the number you master through membership in PPE.

By developing proficiency in multiple forms of thinking, you can enhance you problem-solving abilities, strategic decision-making, and overall effectiveness in managing your business. Different forms of thinking, such as critical thinking, creative thinking, systems thinking, and analytical thinking, offer unique perspectives and approaches to complex issues.

Jay can help you broaden your thinking capabilities and double the number of thinking styles you’ve mastered, enabling you to approach business challenges with greater insight and adaptability. This expanded thinking capacity can lead to improved innovation, better decision outcomes, and increased success in navigating the complexities of the business world.

Okay so this is a lot of information.

We understand. We are merely painting a picture of the level and depth and breadth and vastness of Jay’s wisdom. What’s on this page is nowhere close to the extent of it. But rest assured that in the PPE program, the right information will be fed to you on an as-needed basis.

Picture Red-Hot Lava exploding with more power and profit-thrust than you ever imagined possible.

Imagine breakthroughs erupting almost minute upon minute, like red hot lava exploding 40,000 feet upward out of the top of Mt Vesuvius. Think of it this way: Each time your business is up on Jay’s hotseat it’s like a tightly coiled industrial spring—ready to release—explosively catapulting up with more power and profit thrust than you may have ever experienced as he works through your breakthrough and addresses your every complex marketing, strategy or management challenge.

Create radical business transformations unlike any you’ve previously achieved & learn to cross-pollinate on Jay’s 16 unique pivot points.

Jay will help turn on and up your innovative and creative, three-dimensional thinking capabilities. His 16 unique pivot points will enable you to draw inspiration from diverse industries, disciplines, and perspectives. By integrating ideas from seemingly unrelated sources, you can generate truly groundbreaking solutions that disrupt the status quo and set your business apart.

Jay's mentorship extends beyond the theoretical realm, as he provides practical frameworks and methodologies to implement your innovative concepts. He will guide you in developing a strategic roadmap, identifying the necessary resources, and navigating potential challenges along the way.

By combining your unleashed three-dimensional thinking with Jay's actionable guidance, you will be well-equipped to initiate radical business transformations. This comprehensive approach empowers you to think boldly, execute with precision, and achieve breakthrough success in your industry.

If it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill— according to Malcolm Gladwell—then what do you call someone like Jay with 150,000+ hours?

That’s what Jay brings to PPE. Ultra-mastery.

Get asked the most penetrating questions imaginable. Get solutions to the most invaluable and tenacious challenges you’re facing.

As a member of PPE, you’ll work through your known and newly recognized mission-critical issues. You’ll uncover unimaginably lucrative new revenue approaches, profit center sources and monetization possibilities that no one else could ever reveal to you, let alone walk you through exactly how to mine and maximize to their fullest bottom-line payoff.

Without Jay, you’d never be exposed to this spectrum of high-performing, diverse businesses with diverse business-growth knowledge in 10 lifetimes.

There's no collective, mastermind, ideation group, brainstorming trust, or mentoring alliance anywhere in the world that is as tight-knit, elite, and that offers access to a strata of knowledge, expertise, advice, and world-class collaborators as expansive as Pinnacle Performers Elite.

No one else and nothing else we know of offers as powerful and proprietary a premise, process, and promise as PPE.

We're willing to bet money that you can't find anything just like it.

We’re even willing to bet money that you won’t be able to answer 50% of the 200-question member assessment that Jay puts you through.

This assessment helps you and him identify where your biggest opportunities, dangers, and areas of underperformance lie that need to be tackled first and foremost.

And that’s still not all the benefits of PPE!

For one, the business coaching that you’ll receive is as elite as it gets, and as a member, you’ll get it at a heavily preferred rate.

Receiving personalized coaching from Jay means you’ll be receiving tailored advice from someone who charges private clients $120,000 a day-yet you and your other members gain access to four days, four times a year of his brilliance for a fraction of Jay’s non-member price tag.

Jay will hand you on a silver platter:

  • New advertising approaches
  • New selling techniques
  • New ways to reach your market
  • New ways to ethically increase the size of each selling transaction and the profit it produces
  • New ways to distinguish and demonstrate your company product and service superiority
  • New ways to monetize unsold prospects and inactive past buyers
  • Ingenious ways to structure joint ventures, strategic alliances, and power partnerships that gain for your business unprecedented access to resources you normally would not be able to possess
  • New ways to acquire larger competitors' entire sales forces, URLs, strategically advantageous podcasts, and Facebook discussions that have more of your desired prospective audience than anyone else
  • Ways to get every member of your team up to 50% more productive, collaborative, efficient, effective, and profitable for you
  • Ways to increase the pulling power of your marketing message by up to 500%
  • 50 ways to make SEO produce more results
  • New ways to double, redouble, even double again the profit of digital ads, etc.
  • And loads more.

All tailored to you and your business, as and when you need them.

This isn't just about expanding your business mastery. It's about transforming your business into a far higher-performing entity—and we know you’re already high-performing—from your first month to the end of your first PPE membership year and beyond.

Using high-level brainstorming and scenario-specific strategizing, we'll identify your biggest challenges, unlock unrecognized growth opportunities, and demand far greater performance from every facet of your business. You'll leave each session with a vastly evolved business, ready to outperform the one you led in at the start.

Want to know how powerfully Jay’s process delivers? See what members and past participants—all world-class experts—had to say.

Prince EA

Prominent content creator with over 20 million followers on social media.

“Jay gave me the knowledge and confidence to take what I’m doing to a whole new level. It was great to glean all of Jay’s wisdom and knowledge, man. It put everything together so fast!”

Nicolette Richer

Founder & CEO, Green Moustache Organic Cafe

“We’ve done about six months worth of marketing in one month that we would not have been able to do without the strategies that we secured through Jay in his breakthroughs training.”

Phil Kavesh

Ultimate Estate Planner. National advisor to more trust and estate attorneys in 50 states than anyone else.

“This is the 8th or 9th Jay event that I’ve been to and I keep coming back not because I don’t get it but because I do get it. I solved a major problem here that I thought was insurmountable.”

Donny Epstein

Founder, EpiEnergetics

“Jay has extraordinary ability, capacity, which is his innate nature, his divine gift, to help take the invisible potential and manifest it. To help people bring the gifts that they can bring, to add value to people, into physical form and action.”

Mike Lawrence

CEO, Amp Marketing

“Of course you’re going to get the time with Jay, and that’s what everybody pays the big bucks for, but what you’ll also experience is a lot of extremely successful people in different industries that can share different perspectives that will change the way you think about your business. It has definitely opened our eyes.”

Adam Siddiq

15-Time Award Winning Author

“The things that I’ve seen Jay discuss with people, and the strategic interventions he did with people, came with a level of business expertise and experience that I have personally never seen anywhere else before.”

Dr. Alok Trivedi

President/CEO, Aligned Performance Institute

“Nothing less than unbelievable. You walk away with millions upon millions of dollars worth of information, transformation, strategies, tools that you can use as soon as you go back.”

David Giuliano

Business Coach

“The best part is the collaborative experience that you get. You’re not just getting Jay, you’re getting his staff, you’re getting the support of all the other people. I’m a changed person now, having gone through it. I would highly recommend it.”

Ingvi Tomasson

CEO, STRAX Americas, Inc.

“Jay was extremely nice and interacted in a very personal way with everybody’s company. Collectively the group was great. An excellent experience.

Rishi Firoz

Trainer & Consultant of Neuro Linguistics Programming

“Out of this world. What we got was billions of dollars of experience that Jay has amassed over 40 years, transferred to us.”

Mark Leong

Founder & CEO, Farm Asia

“Very profound. Something I wouldn’t easily be able to get anywhere else. One of the unique minds in this world. A legend.”

DR. Jamie Schwass

Eden Chiropractic

“I can’t put into words how many situations for us that he’s reframed, re-leveraged, and added value into our business. You can’t buy the sort of value that he’s created in our business and in everybody else’s that’s been here.”

Become Part of an Exclusive Group of World-Class Experts and Business Leaders Driven Towards Ever-evolving Hyper-growth, Massive Achievement, and Preeminent Performance.

As a member of Pinnacle Performance Elite, you'll gain exclusive access to an elite membership group unlike any other mastermind collective ON THE PLANET!

See right here some of the legends that Jay has had contribute to past meetings.

Jeff Smulyan

Was the largest private owner of radio & TV stations. Bought & sold the Seattle Mariners.

Tony Robbins

World-renowned life coach and motivational speaker, empowers millions with his transformative insights and methods.

Joseph McClendon III

Chief Trainer at Robbins Organization, transforms lives with his unique blend of charisma and expertise.

Josh LaMar

CEO @ Amplinate: The digital innovation research organization that serves Meta, Google, HP, & more.

Daymond John

FUBU founder. Shark Tank star. Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship. Transforms industries with his innovative vision.

Roland Frasier

World-leading expert in innovative business scaling & digital marketing strategy.

Blair LaCorte

World-leading expert in autonomous technology and change management. Former Strategic Advisor to Texas Pacific Group.

Dan Ariely

Behavioral Economics Trailblazer & Author. Runs the research lab at Duke University. His books have sold over 4 million copies.

Nick Sonnenberg

CEO @ Leverage. Bestselling Author. World’s leading authority on operational efficiency.

George Mumford

Mindfulness coach to Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Phil Jackson, the late Kobe Bryant. NBA Performance Whisperer.

Dr. Alan Barnard

World’s leading authority on Theory of Constraint

Alan Eagle

Google Executive. Co-wrote two bestselling books with Eric Schmidt from Google.

Jeffrey Gitomer

World’s top authority on sales training. Bestselling author of over 15 books.

Cameron Harold

World-leading expert in driving exponential growth in companies.

Roger Love

World-Renowned Voice Authority & Coach. Pioneer of the concept of strategic communication.

Stephan Spencer

World-renowned SEO Expert, Author, International Speaker.

Stephen M.R. Covey

The world’s unquestionable number 1 authority on business trust building. Bestselling Author.

Les Brown

One of the top 5 motivational speakers in the world.

Steve Sims

Has written two best-selling books on being an original.

Jeff Bloomfield

World-authority on NeuroSelling.

Joe Polish

Runs a $100,000 mastermind group that has had Peter Diamandis, Dave Asprey, Dan Sullivan as members.

Perry Marshall

The world-leading expert on 80-20 selling.

Mark Ford

Credited to guiding Agora Financial to over $1 billion in revenue.

Ned Hallowell

World’s leading authority on high-performing ADHD entrepreneurs.

But why should I care about who else will be there?

Because Jay creates a proprietary collaborative dynamic at meetings that is designed to facilitate deep, expansive, meaningful, rich, synergistic connection and ultra-profitable collaboration between members.

For instance, in case you’re excited by the idea of participating in enormous acquisitions of underperforming businesses and engineering profit explosions that produce epic exits, we have the perfect man to talk to.

As Promised, Introducing Roland Frasier-Partner in Pinnacle Performers Elite. Master-level dealmaker. World-class expert in structuring acquisitions and negotiating no-out-of-pocket M&A transactions.

He’s your new secret weapon: He knows 220 ways to help you create more business wealth—often with no out-of-pocket acquisition cost.

Our ultra-exclusive member-focused conclaves are supported by world-leading digital marketer and mergers & acquisitions superstar, Roland Frasier.

Roland has personally either negotiated, advised, or participated in over $10 billion worth of revenue transactions.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, scaled, or sold over two dozen different businesses ranging from consumer products to live events to manufacturing companies with sales ranging from $3 million to just under $4 billion.

He has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Money, Business Insider, Fast Company, and on major television networks.

Roland is anything but a theoretical contributor to PPE. He is a “recovering attorney” and co-founder/principal of 5 different fastest-growing companies in the e-commerce, e-learning, real estate, and SaaS spaces, as awarded by Inc. Magazine.

His ability to instantly connect you with someone who can catapult performance in a highly competitive area is unequalled.

His contact list reads like a Who’s Who of the global business elite.

He has collaborated with Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Group, Spanx founder Sarah Blakely, and many other industry leaders at his group events.

Roland Frasier has...

  • Produced infomercials with Guthy-Renker, one of the largest and most respected direct marketing companies in the world.
  • Completed publishing deals with Simon & Schuster and Random House, two of the largest and most well-known publishing companies.
  • Negotiated shows with major hotels in Las Vegas
  • Funded over 100 private and public offerings
  • Run an international hedge fund
  • Advised major brands (from PepsiCo to Uber to McDonald’s) on a variety of business issues.
  • & more!

He’s a grandmaster at acquiring business using little or none of your own capital then exploding EBITDA for what he and Jay call Epic Exit Plays. You’ll have constant access to his billion-dollar mind.

He is the co-author of the forthcoming book along with Jay, Creating Business Wealth Without Risk: Earning The Income of a Lifetime Every Three Years.

He currently lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and invests in and advises business owners on how to leverage, grow, scale and exit their companies for monumental or mammoth paydays. He travels the world showing entrepreneurs how to create enormous wealth for themselves and their business through mergers and acquisition strategies and also consulting for equity.

And why should you love having this man be a key part of PPE?

Because, firstly, he knows how to utterly explode your current business performance and profitability. Secondly, he knows how to take any business and dramatically multiply its market value through a series of ingenious stratagems, increasing its command when it’s time to exit.

Finally, when the group builds to its full critical mass size, he's going to be the leading guide for us in doing syndicated group acquisition deals, using the combined ability, expertise, and resources of the group to create potentially monster-sized wealth for everyone participating.

Roland will help you accelerate and elevate your business growth trajectory through acquiring competitive companies, products, services, offerings, and people that complement what you offer.

He'll assist you in acquiring talent and vertically integrated services and products that are currently costing you profit opportunities. He'll guide you in acquiring strategic media like newsletters, podcasts, blogs, or discussion groups that you can own, giving you absolute mind share.

Roland will teach you how to spot great deals and blow up your business way beyond what just great marketing or strategy can achieve through boosting acquisitions.

He has over 220 ways to acquire businesses, the majority of which require no out-of-pocket cash on your part, and over half of which require no real future risk on your part either.

And it’s not just Roland you’ll gain access to...

Introducing Blair LaCorte—Partner in Pinnacle Performers Elite. World-class expert in Leadership and Strategic Innovation. Master-level Transformational Leader.

In the realm of groundbreaking business executives, Blair LaCorte stands as a battle-scarred visionary, a transformative leader whose unconventional career journey showcases an unyielding curiosity, a collaborative spirit, and an indomitable competitive drive.

Blair's leadership has garnered accolades such as...

"Most Innovative Company" by Fast Company.

"Product of the Year" at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) One of the "Top 10 Marketers of the Year" by Ad Age and Business Marketing magazine.

His patents in hardware, software, communications, security, and defense underscore his innovative contributions.

And his extensive media presence spans outlets like Fortune, USA Today, The New York Times, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal.

Blair's leadership has left an indelible mark across diverse industries, from entertainment and aviation to artificial intelligence, technology development, consulting, and supply chain management.

What sets him apart is his ability to weave patterns, share best practices, and transfer talent seamlessly between industries that seldom intersect.

Blair's executive roles span the entire spectrum, from guiding startups to fueling growth, overseeing restructurings to orchestrating liquidity events, including sales, mergers, and multiple IPOs.

Blair LaCorte doesn't just embrace entrepreneurship; he infuses it with a distinct maverick touch, leaving an indelible mark on every venture. Here's a closer look at his track record:

  • AEye (2016-2023): Blair led AEye through a Series B round and a groundbreaking $1.5B IPO in 2021 (NASDAQ-LIDR). His approach involved driving the creation of high-volume hardware manufacturing capabilities, establishing a global dual-source supply chain, and launching innovative products. AEye's success speaks volumes about Blair's ability to turn vision into reality.
  • XOJET (2008-2012): As CEO of XOJET, Blair orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, expanding the fleet from 8 to 52 planes and increasing utilization by over 100%. The restructuring involved navigating over $400 million in asset-based debt. The result? XOJET became the fastest-growing private airline in North America, eventually merging with VistaJet International in 2016.
  • Texas Pacific Group (2004-2010): During his tenure as an Operating Partner at TPG, Blair played a crucial role in driving operational change, integrating acquisitions, and coaching management teams. His involvement extended to fundraising, deal sourcing, and diligence. Blair's impact wasn't just on paper—it translated into tangible results for companies within the TPG portfolio.
  • Savi Technology, VerticalNet, and Autodesk (1990-2004): Blair's early career showcased his ability to grow companies across diverse industries. From the RFID pioneer Savi Technology to the world's largest industrial internet marketplaces at VerticalNet, and contributing to the success of B2B software giant Autodesk, Blair demonstrated versatility and strategic acumen.

This mosaic captures moments of entrepreneurial brilliance, however, it's crucial to recognize that Blair's impact transcends these chapters. His legacy unfolds across boardrooms, industries, and global initiatives. The entrepreneurial mindset he brings isn't a mere facet; it's the driving force behind an ongoing narrative of world-class innovation and transformative leadership.

Actively involved as an investor and engaged advisor to over a hundred companies and nonprofit entities, Blair is passionate about mentorship, coaching, and team building.

His commitment is evidenced in a myriad of operating, board, publishing, and teaching engagements.

Blair has served on numerous public, private, and nonprofit boards, demonstrating his versatility as chairman, compensation chair, audit chair, and on various select special committees. His commitment to education, innovation, and purpose-driven organizations is evident in his service on boards like The Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth, The University of Maine, and The Positive Coaching Alliance.

He has actively contributed to the publication of graduate case studies, shaping the minds of future business leaders.

Beyond the corporate arena, Blair engages passionately in nonprofit activities.

His service spans organizations dedicated to education, youth development, entrepreneurship, and diversity and inclusion. His involvement ranges from The Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth to The Positive Coaching Alliance, The Kairos Society, and Juma Ventures, reflecting his commitment to driving positive societal impact.

Astronaut, Innovator, and Global Advocate: Blair's quest for new frontiers transcends Earthly boundaries.

Having completed astronaut training, he awaits his launch with the Virgin Galactic program. His intent is to leverage the unique perspective gained from space to advocate for greater global cooperation on challenges facing humanity.

As a Partner in Pinnacle Performers Elite, Blair LaCorte's strategic acumen, transformative leadership, and expansive network position him as a cornerstone for future collaborations.

His unparalleled journey and commitment to excellence make him a key asset for driving significant wealth creation within this exclusive collective of groundbreaking business owners, innovators, and strategic luminaries.

Embark on a visionary journey with Blair LaCorte—architect of triumph, masterful navigator of innovation, and a potent catalyst propelling transformative growth to unprecedented heights.

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As a member of Pinnacle Performers Elite, you'll not only gain direct/continuous access to some of the most cutting-edge, truly advanced business growth, marketing, business model strategies and partnering-focused networking opportunities, but you'll also have the chance to connect with a collection of some of the world’s brightest entrepreneurs and experts as contributing special VIP advisory members (these are past clients Jay personally advised, who now are thrilled to contribute their specialties to PPE).

These experts will participate in member sessions. They’ll also be offered participation in potential projects that are only made available to members.

But why is THIS dynamic collective of ultra-high performing entrepreneurs banding together in such a combination of integrity-based collaboration, collegial connection, mastermind alliance, think-tank ideation, and unified energy, worth applying for?

Because world-class business collaborations produce world-class business success stories...

Like Paul Allen and Bill Gates (Microsoft).
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple).
Bill Hewett and Dave Packard (HP).
Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google).
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s).
Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey (Twitter).
Henry Wells and William Fargo (Wells Fargo).
Orville and Wilbur Wright (The Wright Brothers).
Pierre Omidyar and Jeffrey Skoll (eBay).
Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice (Soul Cycle).
Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight (Nike).
Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph (Netflix).

So who will you share your future success with?

Proximity is power! If you want to have an extraordinary life, surround yourself with people who make you better. Better as a leader. Better as a business builder. Better as a person.

The simple choice of WHO you spend your time with determines—more than anything else—who you will become.

In other words, surround yourself with people who have already achieved (and preferably far exceeded) your goals. People who you can admire, model, and who are playing the game at a much higher level than you are.

If you can gain proximity to people who are the best in the world, great things can happen because of the people THEY know, the insights they have, and the life they have led.

They can save you a decade of time with one insight. They can make you more masterful, more capable, more prosperous.

We are a product of the environment that we choose to put ourselves in, NOW. Each and every day!

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”


Ancient Greek Stoic philosopher, renowned for his teachings on ethics, control of emotions, and personal freedom.

“Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

German literary giant, known for his works in drama, poetry, philosophy, and science.

“A man is known by the company he keeps.”


Ancient Greek fabulist, renowned for his moral-filled stories known as "Aesop's Fables".

Another way of saying it is: You are the average of the number of people you spend the most time with.

In the right company, hard things can seem easy. Particularly higher-level achievement and performance!

So, to give you an example of the calibre of our members, at the last event we had Damon John, a panelist on Shark Tank in the United States, who has a billion-dollar clothing company.

We had the former senior strategic advisor to the third largest private equity firm in the world.

We had the most respected expert in mergers and acquisitions for medium-sized companies, explaining 200 different ways you could engineer your own with very little of your own out-of-pocket capital or risk.

We had 14 world-class experts, including the mindfulness coach to Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, the late Kobe Bryant, and Phil Jackson.

We had the speechwriter for the founders of Google, who also wrote two mega bestsellers with Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Alphabet.

We had the world's top expert in the theory of constraints.

We had the number one bestselling and most respected sales super trainer in the world who's also a member.

Tony Robbins did a special recorded welcome session where he gave three cool, actionable, and very powerful techniques everybody could use.

We have even had billionaires contribute. At the last event we did, we had a billionaire who owned a hundred radio and TV stations, and he bought and sold the Seattle Mariners baseball team. He gave the commencement speech.

Tony Robbins gave the welcome speech before the commencement to show everyone how to break out of the morass of limited rigid status quo thinking.

Everyone there brought their problems, their issues, their challenges.

One by one, we went through sequences of phases, sometimes as many as nine over the course of the weekend. In each phase, participants proposed their issues, I addressed them, and then we went around the room.

Participants shared what they thought they heard, and if there were any misunderstandings, we corrected them. This process was repeated in reverse order, ensuring that everyone had a chance to contribute and learn from each other's experiences.

Additionally, participants shared one key insight they gained from listening to someone else's issue. This is because breakthroughs often come from external perspectives that provide growth-oriented insights and identify potential risks that had not been previously considered.

So you get this fraternal relationship with members at the member events, AND you get to meet new people four times a year from all new industries with all new issues, challenges, problems.

The cumulative dynamic is amazing. But because I have helped over 300 world-class experts over my career and been very blessed, most of them will acknowledge that I've given them strategies, perspectives, mindsets that have helped them catapult to leadership roles in their respective expertise.

They give back, they contribute to our group. They are members, many of them, they're willing to get involved with our members to help them grow their businesses. They're willing to get involved in acquisitions and mergers and roll-ups we're going to do in the future.

There's nothing like this that has ever been even attempted because...

Frankly, I don’t think anybody has the four-decade career that I have of contributing to so many people and making such a difference in their lives and having done it at such a high level of integrity and ethos and preeminence that they're eager to give back.

And that’s not all...

Gain Access To Potential Revenue-Generating Business Acquisition, Equity, & Royalty Deals With Our Members and VIP Members.

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Members will be given the opportunity (but never the obligation) to participate in syndicated business acquisition, asset acquisition, and equity, royalty and perpetual revenue generating vehicle structures.

We are creating an ever-evolving process and structure that allows for meaningful deals to be sourced AND done.

The current conceptual framework involves inviting different members to participate together, based on their value-add as determined by Jay and the other principals of each deal. Different members may source the deals, or source outside capital, or bring their own capital, or contribute their enormous expertise and skill sets in exchange for equity or royalty income participations.

Participants may be extended optional chances for participation on a deal-by-deal basis and given the opportunity to invest, or to contribute soft skills in a variety of acquisition strategies including M&A deals, rights and licensing acquisitions, and consulting for equity that we plan on doing through different member tranches.

To be eligible for participation in any future deals we may engineer and source, one must be an active member of Pinnacle Performers Elite and be in good standing.

PPE membership grants exposure to future potential deals and the opportunity to be considered for participation by Jay and the principals of those deals.

No guarantees any deal we might do is an absolute winner. However given the enormous sophistication, success history, and expertise represented in the group—the possibilities are promising to say the least!

The long-term goal of the membership is to create true wealth through asset plays.

And ultimately our hope is in the next couple of years, once we get it really built out, we'll be able to form our own private equity firm. And those are where the real wealth starts being created. Because you end up with portfolios of all kinds of businesses, vertical businesses, roll-up businesses.

Join Pinnacle Performers Elite and gain access to potential revenue-generating deals that could take your business wealth to the next level... And the next level after that!

While our syndicated member deals are an ever-evolving work in progress, we are committed (long-term) to refining and evolving this optional uber-wealth-amassing member structure to ensure that members who want to do deals have the best possible chance for enriching success.

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As a member of Pinnacle Performers Elite, you’ll gain access to Jay’s ultimate business-growth resources—a library-worthy collection of high-performing educational tools. It’s priceless

You’re going to get step-by-step, highly-proprietary instructionals on how to engineer...

  • meaningful business relationships
  • strategic alliances
  • joint ventures
  • partnerships
  • exponential profit
  • endorsement deals
  • bartering deals
  • networks of referral sources
  • becoming the recommended provider
  • structuring co-branding
  • unleashing creativity
  • reshaping your business
  • outperforming your competitors
  • & more!

All of these are designed to support the rapid progression levels you should expect your business to attain every quarter as you come to the live sessions.

These resources will become uniquely valuable to you in times of opportunity as Jay personally directs you to the turn-key solution that you’ll need in each scenario...

Plus, these resources will last you a lifetime whether you stay in the group for one year or forever. We keep adding to it as Jay grows his activities.

The library is a dynamic collection of specialized programs—dynamic meaning ALIVE and ever-evolving.

As an example, Jay recently introduced a new thesis on gaining knowledge asymmetry and execution asymmetry, which doesn’t exist anywhere else. He was paid almost six figures to deliver it in Copenhagen to about 4,500 people. Members get access to all the keynotes and proprietary materials to help them explode their businesses in multiple ways.

Jay has around 60 active clients worldwide who pay him six figures against profit share, and he’s constantly exploring and discovering new methodologies to share with the dynamic access pool of his PPE members.

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